Best Books to Read This December 2018

Whatever your favorite genre is (thriller, romance, biography …) we’ve compiled the best books that need to be on your reading list for December. Some are new and noteworthy, while others are books our editors loved and that everyone seems to be raving about. We think you’ll love them, too. Go ahead, give them a read!

1. ‘Fire & Blood’ by George R. R. Martin

Even though this isn’t the sixth book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series (hurry up Martin!), it is part of the Game of Thrones universe and will give any GoT fan their fix for the winter while we wait for the final season of the HBO series to air.
In Fire & Blood Martin takes us back 300 years before A Song of Ice and Fire to learn the riveting history of House Targaryen. It begins with the creator of the legendary Iron Throne, Aegon the Conqueror, and continues all the way to the war that almost tore their dynasty apart.

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2. ‘Once Upon a River’ by Diane Setterfield

Best-selling author of The Thirteenth Tale, Diane Setterfield is back with another page-turner that will be sure to satisfy you until the end.
After a stranger appears at the door of an inn with a lifeless body of a child in his hand during the middle of a cold winter night, the guests are left awestruck. After a few hours, the child begins to inexplicably come back to life. Without being able to answer any questions, the details regarding where she came from remain a mystery. Three families are prepared to claim her, but there are many secrets that need be revealed before her true identify can be discovered.

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 3. ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama

Since its release on Nov. 13, Michelle Obama’s memoir has already become the best-selling book of 2018 with more than two million copies sold in just the first 15 days. Fans of hers are loving how candid and intimate the 429-page book is.
As the first African American to serve as the first lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama not only created one of the most open and inclusive White Houses, she has also been a huge advocate for women around the world. This very personal memoir — in which she chronicles both the public and private experiences that have shaped the person she is today — will leave you inspired.

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 4. ‘Past Tense’ by Lee Child

Looking for a quick thriller that won’t disappoint during the holiday? Lee Child has you covered. His latest Jack Reacher novel is as thrilling as his first. Even if you aren’t familiar with this character, you’ll be enthralled.
As Jack Reacher makes a detour on his trip across America to stop in his dad’s hometown — a place he’s never visited — it seems as though no Reacher has ever lived there. When he tries to find out if his dad ever did live there, his travels cross paths with two young Canadians who are stranded in the small town after their car breaks down, and things turn lethal.

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 5. ‘Educated: A Memoir’ by Tara Westover

One of the biggest hits of 2018 was Tara Westover’s Educated. The New York Times just named it one of their 10 best books of the year. Once you start, it’ll completely envelop you and stay with you long after you finish.
Tara Westover was the daughter of a survivalist family in the mountains of Idaho. She never went to school, never saw a doctor, and spent her days stewing herbs for her mother and salvaging metal for her father. When one of her brothers gets into college and comes back to inform her of the world beyond their isolated mountain, she decides she deserves a new kind of life. Self-taught and educated enough to be accepted to college, Tara finds herself traveling the world.

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