Best Xiaomi Smartwatches to Buy in 2020

Xiaomi is a famous Chinese brand that is well recognized globally. It is very popular for its mobiles and Xiaomi is one of the largest mobile manufacturers of smartphones. Other than this Xiaomi is dealing with different products which are included Earphones, smart home devices, Security devices, household appliances, smartphones, smartwatches, etc. Xiaomi Products are liked by users all over the world for their quality. After Best Mobiles by Xiaomi, ReviewArabia is sharing the Best Xiaomi Smartwatches, for those who are looking for the best smartwatches at the affordable price.

All of the products under Xiaomi have not its label. Xiaomi owns different brands that are famous all over the world. Some of the famous are Xiaomi itself, Redmi, Pocophone, Mijia, Viomi, Yeelight, etc. Amazfit is the brand for Xiaomi Smartwatches operated by Huami that is a partner company of Xiaomi.

Amazfit/Huami is the largest wearable device company worldwide with over 50 million units sold and has 17.1% global market share. Amazfit has many models of smartwatches and fitness bands which are very popular all over the world. ReviewArabia will share some of those here in this article of best Xiaomi Smartwatches/fitness bands/wearables.


Amazfit Bip

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Amazfit Bip is one of the best smartwatches on AliExpress, Amazon, and other known online shopping websites. It has all the features that the users are looking for in any good smartwatch. Long battery life, color touch display, GPS, barometer, geomagnetic sensor, PPG heart rate sensor, etc. are some of the prominent features. Additionally, it has a 3-axis accelerometer for tracking the sports and other activities, and for sleep tracking.  It is very lightweight with only 1.1 ounces (31 grams). You can check and receive emails, text messages, calls, and app notifications on the watch color display. With GPS, you can have detailed routes and stats of your running, cycling, and other sports activities. It is the cheapest smartwatch by Xiaomi and also available in a lite version Amazfit Bip Lite.



Amazfit Pace

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Our next pick is Xiaomi Amazfit Pace for the article about the Best Xiaomi Smartwatches on AliExpress. It is also a best sellers Xiaomi Smartwatch on AliExpress, Amazon and other online shopping websites. This Xiaomi watch has most of the features any good and expensive smartwatch has. It has long battery life, color touch display, GPS, heart rate sensor, storage capacity, etc. Additionally, it can track outdoor/indoor run, trail run, walk, elliptical, outdoor/indoor bike, climbing, and more. It is a lightweight smartwatch with 1.9 ounces (54.5 grams). It display the emails, text messages, calls and app notifications on the watch color display. Also, tracks can be stored in the memory and can be listen with wireless earphones. It also ha GPS+GLONASS, you can have a detailed routes and stats of your running, cycling and other sports activities.



Amazfit GTS

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Xiaomi Amazfit GTS is another amazing smartwatch by Xiaomi. It is available on on AliExpress, Amazon and other online shopping websites with high demand. This is one of the perfect Xiaomi Smartwatches that has watch has the best features at the best affordable price. Amazfit GTS has AMOLED display, customizable widgets, and durable metallic design. It is also 5 ATM water resistance, tracks 12 different sports, equipped with a built-in GPS, high-precision Huami Biotracker™ optical heart rate sensor, and long battery life of up to 14 days.



Amazfit T-Rex

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Xiaomi Amazfit T-Rex is an amazing smartwatch by Xiaomi with 12 military certificates for its robust, tough, and ready-for-any environment rugged body. Amazfit T-Rex can withstand extreme weather conditions as hot as 150F or as cold as -104F to 240 hrs in damp heat, etc. that is amazing. This Xiaomi watch comes with Huami’s self-developed optical sensor. It provides the high-precision continuous heart rate tracking, heart rate warning, and heart rate interval values.



Amazfit GTR

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Xiaomi Amazfit GTR is one of the Best Xiaomi Smartwatches that is a perfect watch for all occasions. Its classic look, advanced features, and customizable watch faces. This smartwatch has won the Product Technical Innovation Award. Amazfit GTR is available in 47.2 mm and 42.6 mm sizes, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium frames and best activities trackers, Heart Rate Tracker, and location trackers features.