Cheap vintage sunglasses: Dior So Real style & other models in AliExpress

Who doesn’t want a pair Dior sunglasses? Dior So Real, Technologic, Mohotani, Zeli, Abstract, or Wildly among other models, they are all great…and expensive.

On the other hand, AliExpress sellers offer some very cheap sunglasses that look just as good. You can find models for both men and women 30 times cheaper that originals!

These sunglasses aren’t Dior replicas, they are great quality white label brands. Customers seem to be very happy with their quality and with their price. Can you imagine getting a pair for 10€ when originals can go for 300€? Yes, dear readers, we are talking about one of the biggest bargains in AliExpress. Let’s find them :).

How to find Dior style vintage sunglasses in AliExpress (watch out with replicas)

Dior, founded by the now deceased French designer Christian Dior, is one the of the most famous luxury brands (handbags, sunglasses, jewelry…) of the last century, with tons of celebrities making them their choice of sunglasses. There is a few ways to find them through the AliExpress search tab, let’s take a look.

There aren’t any originals in AliExpress and white label ones are hard to find. So here are some very well rated shops where you can find similar models.

The best shops to find vintage glasses in AliExpress

To make sure you are making a safe purchase, here are six of the best rated sellers. Next to the shop (you can click on the link to see their glasses) you can see the shop’s rating. Remember, from best to worst: crowns, diamonds and medals.

AOFLY Fashion Glasses 1 crown                           Check on AliExpress 

Visual Goods 3 diamonds                                          Check on AliExpress

Juli Eyewear 1 crown                                                   Check on AliExpress

Let’s keep talking about famous people, this time superheroes. Tony Stark, more commonly known as Iron Man, can also be seen sporting Dior glasses, the Technologic, which can also be found in AliExpress. Don’t miss out, you can get them for 10€ and free shipping!

But these aren’t the only famous people wearing Dior… Lolawolf (Lenny Kravitz’s daughter), Lupita Nyong’o, Kendall Jenner, Chiara Ferragni, Emma Roberts or even Anna Dello Russo can be seen wearing them on a sunny day. Let’s take a look at the best acronyms to find these models (remember, there’s not replicas):

Vintage sunglasses            Check on AliExpress 

Sideral style                          Check on AliExpress 

Wildly style                           Check on AliExpress 

Abstract style                       Check on AliExpress