Every Junk Drawer Should Have a Spatty Spatula

At one point or another, we’ve all found ourselves doing some maraca-shaking gestures to try and get some steak sauce out of the bottle. Mid-shower, we’ve balanced the shampoo on its cap in hopes that gravity will do the trick so we can wash our hair in the morning. We’ve banged ketchup bottles on tables like a judge’s gavel and we’ve desperately scraped the remnants of an almost empty peanut butter jar with a just-barely-too-short butter knife only to make a mess of our wrists or sleeves.

The Spatty spatula hopes to put an end to those moments. Basically, the Spatty and the larger Spatty Daddy are shrunken down silicone spatulas like you’d use when baking, but instead of scraping mixing bowls, you use them to get every last drop out of the containers your favorite products come in.

When I first tested the Spatty, I couldn’t help but laugh at the name and how strange and gimmicky the product seemed. They totally look like something that would be advertised on a 3 a.m. infomercial that you wake up to after falling asleep watching a made-for-TV movie.

Is a tiny spatula silly? Absolutely! But Spatty works and it only costs $12 for a set of two. Considering how much product I’ve wasted over the years, over time it’ll practically pay for itself. I liked using them so much in the kitchen, I ended up getting another set for the bathroom.

The Spatty Kitchen Spatula Set

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