Fingerprints, Be Gone! The iRoller Will Clean Your Screen for Obstruction-Free Scrolling

For someone who stares at her phone all day (20% for work, 80% for pleasure), I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t realize how gross my screen was. Sure, I use a UV sanitizer to kill the germs on it regularly, but that doesn’t clean the screen. It’s hard to believe that I ever scrolled on my phone without noticing all the smudges on it. That’s where iRoller comes in.

I actually didn’t have high expectations for the iRoller, which is a reusable, liquid-free cleaner for your phone, tablet, and laptop screens. After all, I look at my phone every day! If I didn’t have an issue with its clarity, there must not have been one to begin with. Wow, was I wrong. I took out the 3.5-inch gadget, opened the sliding door, and rolled it across my iPhone screen once. The difference was clear — literally — right away.

The clever little tool rolls across the screen to remove greasy finger smudges, lint, facial powder, and loose debris from your touchscreen or screen protector. As someone who has found her bronzer on her phone before, I can totally vouch on the makeup claim. But what I really love about the iRoller is that it comes in a compact piece, ready to use. There’s no need to break out a cloth, like many cleaning kits require. Plus, I’m one of those people who freaks out at the sight of liquid near my phone, even if it is a cleaning solution. The iRoller just makes it easier.

The iRoller came about in a rather unusual way: in the operating room. It was created by Dr. Stanley Taub, an 86-year-old plastic surgeon who realized that the tacky material he used to hold surgical instruments in place during surgery also removed smudges from glass. And ta-da! The handy cleaner was born. Who would have thought?

To clean the screen cleaner, run it under warm water with a touch of liquid soap. Then, rinse it and let it air dry. That’s all it takes for you to use it over and over again! Trust me, it’ll become a bit of an obsession since you’ll now know what your screen can look like.

Think of your phone like your bathroom mirror. You’re so used to looking at it every day — so much so that any smudges or imperfections aren’t even in your vision anymore. It’s not until you grab some Windex and a paper towel that you’re in shock that you were looking into that filthy thing all this time. Your phone, however, is even worse — because if you’re like me, it’s glued to your hand throughout the day.

Moral of the story? Clean your damn screen.

iRoller Screen Cleaner

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