Here Are The Best Kids Slippers for Winter 2018

Kids’ slippers can take lounging around at home to a new level. From extremely cool fuzzy monster slippers to a classic pair of moccasins, there are a range of cozy slippers for all kinds of kids. Browse our top picks and bring your favorite pair home!

1. Lazy One Pink Monster Paw Slippers

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Kids are obsessed with stomping around the house in these overly fluffed-up freaky monster feet. With plush claws that are quite frightening and blended fur that combines bright colors, it’s almost impossible for your favorite mini monster to sneak around the house unnoticed.



2. Hanes Boy’s Clog House Slippers

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For a classic pair that doesn’t draw much attention, these clog-style slippers by Hanes will still deliver when it comes to your kid feeling comfortable and keeping his bare feet away from the floor. Featuring tougher soles, you won’t have to flip into mommy mode if you see him go outside wearing these.




3. Halluci Kid’s Cozy Fleece Memory Foam Unicorn Slippers

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Your kid will enjoy pure slipper magic by slipping into these extra puffed-out unicorn slippers. The memory foam insoles feel so relaxing and the soft rubber soles are waterproof and anti-slip.




4. Sitalie Fur-Lined Kids Slippers

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These ultra cute fur-lined slippers feature a friendly, snoozy bunny on a plaid background. Available in 15 different styles for both boys and girls, it’s no wonder why this whimsical line is a number one new release on Amazon.




5. Onmygogo Fuzzy Bulldog Slippers for Kids

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These gender-neutral bulldog slippers are a must for every kid. I mean, any animal is cute in slipper form, but there’s just something about the bulldog that really works well as a slipper. Maybe it’s all those cute wrinkles and natural chunky frame!