Here Is The Best Bike Trailer for Hauling Kids Everywhere

Nimble, easy to use, and perfect for exploring. This entry-level bike trailer enables your daily excursions with the safety and durability you expect from Burley.

A hammock style seat means your child is not sitting on the floor of the trailer. Burley’s standard helmet pocket and five point harness system are key features of the seat on the Minnow. Velcro is on the seat if you would like to add padding with additional accessories

The Minnow is a more affordable, single-capacity version of Burley’s best-selling Bee trailer. Burley has done everything possible to maximize safety, including features like a full aluminum roll cage and five-point harness system. 

The cover is waterproof, the cargo area provides extra storage space, and it all folds down flat when not being used. It even has 20-inch wheels and tinted windows — the only thing missing is a subwoofer.

Burley Minnow Bike-Only Trailer