Pool Float Like A Tank? Yes! This Is So Funny

The Pool Punisher pool float is the first ever inflatable tank with an inbuilt water cannon that blasts up to 50 feet; Dominate the pool this summer with swimming pool accessories that command respect; Our giant pool toy fits kids, teens and even thrill seeking adults

The Pool Punisher is army green and made of ultra durable vinyl. It has two layers of material so that it looks like you’re in an actual tank. Plus, it comes with a wheel and chain detailing on the side to bring it to life. It’s pretty obvious that you’ll be feeling pretty badass in the water.

What good is a tank without more arms of defense? This inflatable comes with a built-in water cannon that blasts up to 50 feet! Good luck to any other pool floats that try to stand up to it. The Pool Punisher features two leg holes so that you can easily sit inside and kick your way through the water. Don’t worry, your arms will be free to use the water gun and defend your territory.

The inflatable tank has been selling out through the summer, but, at the time of publishing, it’s in stock on Amazon. Several buyers have noted how much fun the Pool Punisher is, especially for kids looking to create their own battle.

“The boy couldn’t get enough of it. It lasted the entire weekend even with everyone jumping in and out of it and held like 5 of us at one point,” one buyer wrote. “The squirt cannon goes so far! It was the hit of our event. Everyone loved it. Going to get more for our upcoming summer trip the lake! 10/10 It is also huge which definitely makes a statement.

Pool Punisher