Self-Draining Storage Container Will Be Your Best Purchase

I have ordered this twice. I really want it for my Ethique shampoo and condition bars (which I absolutely LOVE btw). The first one was chipped in two spots on the top lid when I got it. I ordered a replacement once I setup the return for the first one, but unfortunately, the second one came with the box slightly ripped and also with two chips in the lid. I really think this case looks better than the other options, and I like that it uses eco and recycled materials, but I am so far disappointed by damages goods. Not sure if I will reorder or what to do next. Maybe one more try, but I am getting tired of the hassle of returning the items.

It shocked and delighted me that the lather and suds are the same as liquid shampoo. This is thanks to sodium coco sulfate — a coconut oil-derived surfactant, aka suds-maker. Without the lather, it would have been harder for me to rinse and repeat with this shampoo bar. The light lime scent is refreshing without being overpowering, and my strands were left feeling smooth even before conditioner.

Self-Draining Storage Container