The ChomChom Roller Makes Cleaning Up My Cat’s Fur Ridiculously Easy

Since childhood, I’ve had a kitty cat at every stage of my life. Like a secret family potato salad recipe, the love of felines was passed down to me from my mom, and I have taken on the duty of passing it down to my son, who happily requests to watch cat videos with me on Instagram. While cats are some of the most chill, low-maintenance pets, their fur is an unavoidable issue.

When I first brought my medium-haired tortie home, I knew her fur would cling to just about any soft surface she could rub up against. But it wasn’t until I moved apartments and purchased a soft, velvety couch that I realized how much of a hassle her shedding was becoming. Her swirly brown, white, and black fur left hairy splotches behind, making it quite evident as to where she’d been lounging. I headed to Amazon for a solution and was stunned at how highly rated the ChomChom Roller was. With over 8,500 positive reviews on Amazon, I had to give it a try.

Unlike traditional pet hair removers, the ChomChom is completely adhesive-free and doesn’t require a power source like your handheld vacuum. It is totally reusable and, most importantly, it is incredibly effective. The patented product works by creating an electrostatic charge that, when rolled back and forth, attracts pet hair and debris that is deeply embedded into your couch, carpet, blankets or any other soft surface that your pet likes to hang out on. Once the ChomChom has done all of the hard work, you can pop open the chamber to toss out the collected pet hair.

The best part of this super handy little gadget is that it doesn’t require any replacement parts. It can be used over and over and over again with the same level of efficiency with every roll. In the time it would take me to charge, use, and clean out my wireless vacuum, I can clean a whole fleet of couches with this roller. The ChomChom works for virtually any pet fur, not just the cute kitty variety — and is a non-negotiable furry-friend must-have.

ChomChom Roller

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