The Coolest Things You Can Buy on Aliexpress Part 2

Let’s see other cool things you can own from Aliexpress

1. Pet Dog Cat Bathing Cleaner 360 Degree Shower Tool This offer includes the Woof Washer 360, the best pet grooming tool for safely and easily washing and rinsing dogs of all sizes in less than one minute.
Just attach Woof Washer 360 to any garden hose and add the dog shampoo of your choice to the dispenser.
Slip the hoop over your dog and slide to turn on; the shampoo and water mix instantly to wash your pup from head to toe using Woof Washer 360s suds and rinse modes.
Woof Washer 360 makes the cleansing process gentler and faster; mobile pet grooming Woof Washer 360 washes hard-to-reach areas
Washing your pet will be a chore no more with the Woof Washer 360, one of our most popular pet supplies on the market   Buy Now

2. Multi-function JinKaiRui Full Body Massager  

One-touch IC switch: power switch, infrared switch. Relieve the stresses and pains, can give total relaxation with comfort. The massage rollers with clockwise and anti-clockwise motion. Nylon elastic bandage design, can be fixed in the car pillow at massage of the neck. Configure the car cigarette lighter and power adapter, you can use in the car or at home. This massage pillow is a perfect companion to relax and release the tension in your muscles. Installation of warm thermal moxibustion functions: you can enjoy the warm bring warm and comfortable.  Buy Now

3. Convenient Horticultural Fruit Picker

Easy to use, very convenient and practical for fruit picking.
Use the teeth of the ring to cut fruit down and gather them in the bag.
Suitable for home, orchard, park, farm, garden, etc.
Item type: fruit picker
Material: metal+cotton
Color: silver
Suitable for: home, orchard, park, farm, garden, etc
Apply for: apple, peach, pear, orange and etc
Diameter: 15cm/5.91” app.
Bag depth: 20cm/7.87” app   Buy Now

4. Outdoor Cool Ice Sport Towel

Material:80% Bamboo Carbon Fiber + 20% Polyester
You just get towel wet,then wring out water and snap it a few times, you will make it cool.
The cooling towel is a physical technology, no chemical additives, no odor, it’s healthy and environmental.
When dry, you can around or tie it on neck, put it on head, drape it on shoulder, wrap it on wrist or any way you like to hold it.
It absorbs moisture and sweat and keeps you cool for hours during a workout, ride, climb, or any other strenuous sports.   Buy Now 

5. Stainless Steel Home French Fries Maker Unique Home Living or restaurant cooking tool
Could be used to cut potatoes, vegetables, fruits etc.
Very Easy to clean, all parts removable and interchangable.
Durable and convenient stainless steel french fry potato cutter
Multifunctional fashion kitchen products, working efficiently and saving time
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Note: Please keep out of the reach of children.   Buy Now