The Edgy Is Something That You Really Need In Your Life

Have you ever heard about this tool? Now I have something to tell you?

Now I’d consider myself someone who knows a lot about wine. I like dry reds with big tannins, and I’ve traveled to some of the biggest wine regions around the world. I use an aerator, own a decanter, and have a nice wine chiller. But somehow, I never realized how life-changing a foil cutter would really be.

The Edgy comes in a fun red box, about the size of a box a bracelet would come in. (It’s nice enough that you could easily gift it, too.) The tool itself is fairly small and can easily be kept with your other bar accessories.

When I took the Edgy for its first spin, I’ll admit I was skeptical. But from the first squeeze, I knew the Edgy would be with me for life. It’s made with four sharp stainless steel cutting wheels, which help create a seamless, even cut to any wine foil you’re eager to crack open.

It’s really easy to use, too. Once you pull it out from the box, simply place it on the top of your wine bottle and make sure the wheels are aligned against the bottle. Then, squeeze the arms together and give it a few turns (the listing says you only need a quarter turn, but I like to do a few extra for good measure). Pick the Edgy up, and you’ll find a perfectly cut circle and an open cork ready to be removed. Plus, it’s ergonomically designed and made in the USA.

The verdict on this little lifesaver? The $10 investment in the Edgy is totally worth saving yourself the hassle of fighting the wine foil every time you’re ready to enjoy a nice bottle of wine. I’ve been using mine regularly for a few months now, and it still cuts just as nicely as that first time.

If you’re looking to make your much-deserved wine time as seamless as possible (quite literally) or just step up your inner sommelier game, look no further than the Edgy.

Edgy Wine Foil Cutter