These Rare Orchids Look Like Monkey Faces, and You Can Buy the Seeds

Nature has a way of constantly wowing us with its colors and creations. A prime example of that is in the form of a rare orchid, with the scientific name Dracula, that looks like it has a monkey face in the middle of the flower.

“These small- to medium-sized epiphytes have very unusual, somewhat other-worldly flowers, at least in the eyes of Carlyle Luer, who established the genus in 1978 and named it after the Latin word for dragon,” the American Orchid Society (AOS) describes.

There are many types of Dracula orchids and while some have a stronger monkey face than others, they generally have the same look.

“Dracula have short, creeping rhizomes with short, erect, one-leafed, thin textured shoots with a distinct midrib,” the AOS continued. “The colorful, typically single flowers are usually large and pendent, although some species exhibit erect inflorescences.”

There’s no doubt that these orchids will make a strong statement, whether they’re in your garden or potted in your home.

Dracula Orchid (100 Seeds)

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