This GoPro for Your, Uh, Nether Regions Will Show a Whole New Angle of Your Life

This GoPro-esque camera isn’t meant to be held or strapped to your head. It’s, well, to slide over your penis. We know, we know.
The CockCam is the world’s first cock ring with a camera, according to the website. At first glance, this is hilarious and makes you wonder if people are walking around with their pants at their ankles for the sake of making a video with a unique angle. But the penile accessory is meant as a way to spice up what’s happening in the bedroom.

“A revolutionary sex toy that allows you to record all of your erotic moments at never seen before angles, store and view videos on your mobile device through the Secure Mobile App, taking your sexy home videos to the next level,” the description says.

There’s a stretchy, yet tight, silicone cock ring to hold the camera in place (and keep you harder for longer), and an ultra small camera on top. It has six lightless night-vision infrared lights, so you don’t kill the mood with a bright light shining all over the place. You can send footage from The CockCam to your phone with the app, which is compatible with iOS and Android.

The CockCam

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