This New Baby Yoda Slow Cooker Will Make Cooking Dinner a Welcomed Task

The new slow cooker is here just in time for you to cook and binge season 2 of the Disney+ live-action Star Wars show. The 7-quart pot serves up to six people, so you can make quite the meal in there. The best part, of course, is the adorable design on the outside. The dark blue background allows green Baby Yoda to pop. The “off,” “low,” “high,” and “warm” settings are even in an out-of-this-world font to contribute to the theme.

The 120-volt oval slow cooker is officially licensed by Disney and comes with a lid and that inside dish, which makes cleaning super easy.

“With this slow cooker, you can make some of The Child’s favorite snacks (grinjer broth, anyone?) and more!” the description says. “[It] lets you pout in your ingredients in the morning and have a delicious meal waiting for you in the evening after a long day of hunting bounties.”

In addition the 7-quart size, a 2-quart version will become available on Amazon beginning in January 2021. It’s ideal for making a meal for one or two people, but don’t worry, it still has that cute Child design!

Baby Yoda Slow Cooker

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