This Tablet Will Easily Replace Your Old Laptop

When shopping for a new tablet, there are several things to think about when it comes to finding the best tablet for you. What hardware specs do you need? How about the platform it runs on, like Apple iOS or Windows 10? Do you want a tablet that offers a large ecosystem of apps and games, or is a basic model the right option for you? We’ve considered all these factors when evaluating our picks for the best tablets available in 2020.

Available with an 11- and a 12.9-inch display, the Apple iPad Pro is the best tablet available today as well as a capable laptop replacement (especially the 12.9-inch variant), but if you have the money to spend. The tablet is packed with cutting-edge tech, including a monstrously powerful chipset, a sharp Liquid Retina display with a high refresh rate, and a sophisticated camera setup.

Apple has equipped the iPad Pro with a duo of rear-facing cameras (12 MP and 10 MP ultra wide) with a LiDAR scanner for next-level augmented reality, as well as a 7 MP TrueDepth front camera. The tablet’s 4K video recording capabilities are the best in its class.

Like its predecessor and the iPhone 11 product family, the latest iPad Pro features Face ID tech instead of a fingerprint sensor. To top things off, the tablet comes with iPadOS — the most secure platform with the best selection of apps in the business.

Overall, the iPad Pro is totally worth maxing out your new-tablet budget. I recommend that you pair the device with the Apple Pencil, as well as the Magic Keyboard with a built-in trackpad. The accessories will make the tablet a powerful work and creativity tool, so they are worth investing in.

Apple iPad Pro (11-inch)

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