Wanna Get This Floating Tiki Bar for Your Pool?

I strongly recommend this amazing Tiki Bar to you. The Swimline 90245 Tiki Bar is the best way to stay cool and keep drinks cold! Your satisfaction is guaranteed! So get it now! And here is some reviews rom amazon:

This was a gift for my sons 5th birthday also perfect for his pirate pool party !! Is pretty big we have a 20 foot above ground Intex pool so their was still plenty of room if you have a smaller pool the size might be a concern for you took a while to inflate since very large recommend filing the bottom first and the top half way so it is easier to clip into the bottom after a full day of play with 15 kids the pirate island was still standing and pretty full as well would recommend the makers to make the whole in the middle a little bigger all the kids where fine in and out the float my concern goes for a kid getting stuck with floaties in the whole or a older child maybe a little chubbier to get stuck also while the kids are climbing on the island some times it leans witch is a little nerve wrecking if it is close to the edge of the pool had kids 3-13 on the float with no problems wouldn’t allow more then 3 10 years and older in at the same time and could fit about 4 or 5 little kids on it at once the ledge is also big enough for the kids to sit and stand on just like the picture seems put together very well wish the door of the pirate island/ ship was also able to clip on in some way since the string does come undone a lot and isn’t long enough to double tie also can’t really knot it because then it takes awhile to get off witch was also hard for the kids cute concept with the windows also being shields ! A little bonus of the float. Being so big is at the end of the Night all the floats fit right in the pirate ship and makes the pool a quick easy clean up !!

I feel like it is human nature to want to know the bad. I took a chance on buying this because the reviews weren’t stellar. I am glad I did. It had been outside for almost a month. Endured my youngest sons Black Panther claws which worries me he has been told no sharp things near blow ups since and a few storms blowing it against the stone waterfall and rocks. It’s still standing. I also bought a blow up slide which lasted one day. I thought it was going to be the other way around. I am recommending this to my friends with little ones. It’s actually very well made and my kids love it. Just remember to buy a electric pump this thing it big!!!

Inflatable Floating Tiki Bar